Tips for Developing your Brands Voice 

What is a brand voice? Why does your brand voice matter? Your brand voice is the consistent expression of your brand’s core messages, values, and personality. Your brand voice matters as it reflects who you are as a business, helps to make your business recognisable and identifiable, and builds trust and loyalty by delivering a consistent message.  

  • Create Guidelines  

  • Audit Current Voice 

  • Identify & Research Your Audience  

  • Tone 

  • Be Consistent 

  • Review & Adapt 

Create Guidelines  

Similarly, to your brand guidelines, your brand voice needs a guideline document. Create a document of your brand voice to ensure everyone in your business knows your voice. You want to include your businesses core values, mission statement, traits, common vocabularyphrases and examples. This should help you to develop your brand voice.    

Audit Current Voice 

Look over your current voice and take some examples of it to look back on once you’ve developed your new brand voice. Pick out traits of it currently as this will help you improve your voice and understand what brand you want to be.  

Identify & Research Your Audience 

In order to develop your brand voice, you want to thoroughly research your target audience to identify how they speak. You want to ensure that your brand voice reflects your target audience. If your target audience is very corporate and smart, you’ll want to use a very professional voice. However, if your audience is young, you’ll want to have a casual & fun voice. Understanding your target audience is crucial to developing your brand voice. 


What’s the difference between brand voice and brand tone? Brand voice is what you say and brand tone is how you say it. It’s important to note down in your guideline the tone you want to perceive in certain situations. Come up with some scenarios and put them into certain tones. What tone would you use for a complaint? Or a partnership announcement?  

Be Consistent 

By being with consistent with your brand voice, it will allow your audience to absorb your brand quickly and easily. Your brand voice should lead to your audience connecting certain words, ideas and emotions with your brand. Always keep in mind that consistency is key! 

Review & Adapt 

It’s important to review your brand voice every few months to ensure you’re keeping consistent and staying on track. As time goes on, trends change, therefore it’s crucial to adapt your voice to ensure you’re keeping up to date. 

Let’s wrap this up… 

Understanding your brand voice is crucial for your business. Your brand voice reflects who you are as a business and how you want your audience to perceive you. Do you need a hand putting your branding together ensuring you’re using the right voice best suited for your business and your target audience? We can help! With excellence at the heart of everything we do, we can help you develop a brand voice. Get in touch with a team member today.  

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